One Tool Every Schooner Should Have

Schooners require a lot of TLC if you want them to look great and run smoothly. However, not all issues that come up will do so while you are safely on dry land. This means that it is not only important to have easy access to tools when at home, but also when you are on the boat enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. There are tools for every situation, but one is really the most important. Do you know what the one tool every schooner should have is?

The Basic Tools

FirstAidKitWhen thinking of tools, it is always wise to carry things that you will need during an emergency. This includes first aid and emergency kits. These kits may include flairs, antibiotic ointments, band aids, scissors, and other things that you may need. If there is a medication that you have to take each day, you may also want to put a few in the first aid kit so that you are never without. This is helpful in the even that you end up stranded somewhere. You will not have to worry about missing a medication that may have to be taken at a specific time each day.

The Big Tools for Boating Success

In your bag of tools, you may also want to carry a bilge pump, extra rope, a flashlight and spare batteries for it and your boat. Spare fuses, duct tape, electrical tape, zip ties, and swim masks are also recommended by most avid boaters. The swim masks may seem odd, but they are recommended in case you have to deal with tangled props or find something that has fallen overboard. Some people also recommend that you carry along spare plugs and other small motor related items. Extra fuel is also a given, even though you wouldn’t necessarily carry it in a bag with the other items.

Small Schooner Supplies

SurvivalMultiToolIn many cases, a small boat will not need all the same tools that you would carry on a larger one. The smallest tools that you should hang onto and keep within close reach is the wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, needlenose pliers, and knives. For that reason, on most small boats and some of the larger ones, people carry survival multi tools along with them at all times. This is because these tools have everything in one compact area that fits in a pocket or beside them. It has pliers, scissors, wrenches, knives, and all the other small tools that are sometimes useful when out on the water; you can click here to see some of the most popular choices.

No matter what tools you want to carry with you, it is always best to be prepared for anything that may come your way. No one wants to be stranded on the water in a schooner that cannot get them back to shore. Create a special tool box and keep all the necessities in it. You never know when it may come in handy and help you get back to where you need to be. In our opinion, one of the key things you should do before climbing on board is making sure you have that one tool that can fix everything; a multi tool. The rest is just going to help you fix the bigger issues.